Four major stakeholders “have come together to collaborate and agree on a working arrangement to build capacity and resources with a view to the TAMCC developing on a self-sustaining basis into the top educational institution of its type in the Caribbean”. 
 The Government of Grenada, PETNA Foundation, T. A. Marryshow Community college and McMaster University have embarked on activities with TAMCC set to building capacity and teaching skills with faculty and fostering institutional dialogue and collaboration in quality assurance and curriculum review. At the same time the TAMCC has undertaken the designing of a student-faculty partnership programme which will offer an unusual opportunity for faculty to engage in intentional dialogue about pedagogical issues with students. 
Characterized by eager expectancy and a strong desire to inform and to be transparent, TAMCC has developed a new web-based tool. Its purpose is to progressively disseminate information and highlight activities and events that are associated with the underlying intentions of the transformation of TAMCC. Ideally, this medium of change lays a basis for inclusion and extends an warm invitation for regular and open feedback that may result in revised structures and approaches.
We are all proud of the accomplishment of this important next step on our journey to the "promised land" as we introduce the LINCS Website; a centralized place to find information and news about the social, professional and cultural standing of TAMCC as it transits on the cutting edge of institutional empowerment and excellence.
Joins us at www.lincs.tamcc.edu.gd  and get involved “Change is now TAMCC”.
David Fleming, 
Interim Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
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