The School of Continuing Education (SCE) is the official outreach arm of T.A. Marryshow Community College. This school is mandated to provide adult, continuing and public education and training especially to the majority of persons outside of the formal system.

The School of Continuing Education (SCE) focuses primarily on the vast majority of men and women outside of the formal education and training system to help improve their livelihood and intellectual development.  Secondly, attention is given to linkages with the business and private sector to promote requisite training in skills for personal and national development and to collaborate with reputable institutions to obtain accreditation for its certificate and associate degree programmes.  It currently offers associate degrees in business studies and marketing and anticipates the initiation of others in professional and technical areas believed to offer good potential for expanded employment opportunities.

The School is headed by:

Mr. David Fleming, Dean - School of Continuing Education

JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING , Associate Dean - School of Continuing Education


- Department of TVET
- Department of Access & Professional Studies
Department of Open and Distance Learning
Department of Office Services
Department of Building and Related Engineering Services


Programme Catalogue for the School of Continuing Education

Courses offered through the Department of Access and Professional Studies:

Associate Degree in Media Studies

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) preparation

CXC/CSEC classes - Math, English, Principles of Business, Principles of Accounting

Modern Management and Administration

Foundations of Labour Law

Introduction to Industrial Relations

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Psychology


CAT (Foundations in Accountancy)

Associate degree in marketing

Associate degree in Business Studies (Business Management w/ ACCOUNTS)

Associate degree in Business Studies (Business Management w/ ECONOMICS)

Taxi/Tour Operator

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