The mission of Student Affairs is to  provide administrative and support service to all prospective enrolled and graduating students. The aim is to help students to achieve their personal and professional goals as articulated by the College's mission statement. Student Affairs is commited to enhancing academic success, student wellness and general campus life.

Administrative and support services include the following areas:

  1. Counseling, Assistance with Health Disability
  2. Educational and Academic Services
  3. The Judicial System
  4. Student Life Programmes
  5. Sports

Constitution of the Student Representative Council

Student Handbook 

Students requiring assistance should print and complete to relevant application form and submit to the Office of Student Affairs.

-Application for Examination assistance

-Application for Transportation assistance

-Application for Tuition assistance 

-Application for Graduation assistance

-Scholarship Application 

-Financial Aid and Scholarship FAQ 

-Community Service FAQ

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