The Confucius Classroom at TAMCC


We wish to bring to your attention the following information.

In 2015, a Confucius Classroom was established at the College following the signing of an agreement between the College and Ningbo University of Technology (NBUT), located in Ningbo, China.
The intention of the Confucius Classroom is to promote Chinese Language and Culture so as to build a bridge between NBUT and TAMCC; and to deepen the education co-operation and cultural exchanges between Grenada and China.
For those faculty and staff who are not aware of the location of the Classroom, it can be found close to the back gate occupying the building of the old plumbing lab.
There is a resident director out of Ningbo University, Mr. Liu Jian, stationed at the Classroom. Persons can feel free to pay a visit to the Classroom. Mr. Liu will be happy to provide you with information on the University and China on a whole.
Since the implementation of the Classroom, we have conducted Chinese classes to a few SCE staff members; TAMCC students; and secondary school students. We have also conducted martial arts classes, including Taijiquan, to a couple primary school and TAMCC students, and to TAMCC staff members. In addition, students and residents of Grenada have been consulting the Classroom for information as it relates to their classes, and their work, respectively. There are also opportunities for faculty, staff and students to travel to China, but these come with special requirements. These are just some of the undertakings of the Classroom.
So, we would like to encourage you to make use of the Classroom. We also collaborate with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China to Grenada, so we would be able to assist you in one way or another on matters as it relates to the promotion of the Chinese Language and Culture, and of China on a whole.
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