Department of Arts & Humanities: Writing Centre


Dear Students,

The Department of Arts and Humanities will like to inform you of the development of a Writing Centre.


The main objective of the centre is to provide remedial English lessons to students who have difficulties with the conventions of formal academic writing. The centre is also targeting students who want to improve their essay writing skills.


 Other objectives include:


  • assisting students with the writing of effective thesis statements
  • assisting students with the proper planning and structuring of their essays
  • assisting students with formatting of project presentations and documentation of work according to APA and MLA formats ( or other approved formats)
  • proving pointers for constructing a strong argument
  • analyzing strengths and weaknesses in students’ writing with a view to providing advice and guidance for improvement


Location: Learning Resource Centre

(Small room next to Modern Languages lab 1)


Times: 10:30 and 3:30 - Tuesdays and Thursdays (Tentative)


For more information: Please contact Kemoy Edwards-Sylvester (Mrs.)/ Chair of the Department of Arts, Humanities and General Studies at 440 1389# 2311.

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