Orientation for New Students 2018


T. A. Marryshow Community College

Urgent Orientation Notice

ØCLASSES COMMENCE on Monday September 3, 2018

ØOrientation for Mirabeau, Carriacou and St. Patrick's will be done at a later date.

ØTanteen Campus Orientation will follow a two day schedule from 9:00am, starting on Tuesday August 28, 2018 to Wednesday August 29, 2018.

The following schedule will indicate the location for each School and their departments on Wednesday August 29, 2018 from 9:00am.

Please walk with your lunch/snack and water.

School Location  Departments 
School of Continuing Education Student Center, Armstrong Building  Technical, Vocational, Education and Training AND Access and Professional Studies 

School of Applied Arts and Technology

Hospitality Hall Tourism and Hospitality
MCR Lab, Technical Wing Computer and Electronics 
F1 Classroom, Technical Wing Building Construction Technology 
F2 Classroom, Technical Wing  Mechanical Technology

School of Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies 

Top Floor, Natural Sciences Building  Natural and Related Sciences 
1st Floor, Natural Sciences Builiding Social Sciences 
SASPS Classrooms 1 - 3  Business and Office Administration 
Teacher Education Hall  Arts & Humanities 















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