Presentations on Leadership


Attention Students

All Students are invited to attend a 10 week presentation on Leadership every Thursday starting January 17, 2019 @ 10:30-11:30 a.m. at the Teacher Education Department Room 10.

Office of Students Affairs 
January 8, 2018

NB: the Leadership program commences January 17, 2019 for 10 weeks

Topics to be discussed

1. Evolution of Leadership {January 17, 2019}
a. Definition of leadership 
b. Brief history of leadership
c. Types of leadership
d. Leadership roles
e. Understanding today’s leadership expectations / Identifying leadership requirements for the 21st century

2. Leadership and Communication {January 24, 2019}
a. Definition of communication
b. The communication cycle
c. Barriers to communication
d. Methods and lines of communication
e. Conducting effective meetings
f. How to value differences, encourage honest communication and develop people

3. Leadership and Conflict Management {January 31, 2019}
a. Possible causes of conflict
b. Strategies to manage conflict
c. The leader as a problem solver
d. How to create a culture of trusting relationships

4. Leadership and Management {February 14, 2019}
a. Characteristics of the formal organizational structure
b. Delegation and Acceptance
c. Roles and relationships
d. The manager as a leader
e. Differentiating between management and leadership

5. Leadership and Team Building {February 21, 2019}
a. Nature of teams
b. Characteristics of effective teams
c. Team building process
d. The Team Leader as a facilitator, mediator & negotiator

6. Leadership and Motivation {February 28, 2019}
a. Factors that stimulate and influence motivation
b. Content and process theories of motivation
c. Motivational strategies
d. Implication to managers

7. Leadership and Management of Change {March 7, 2019}
a. Nature of change
b. Difference between leading and managing change
c. Resistance to change
d. Implementing the change model
e. Developing the change management plan

8. Leadership and Decision-making {March 14, 2019}
a. Process of decision making
b. Stages of decision making
c. Factors affecting decision making
d. Decision-making matrix – Focus & Impact
e. The 3D Model – Debate, Discussion & Dialogue

9. Leadership and Ethics {March 21, 2019}
a. Principles in ethics 
b. Character and integrity
c. Ethics and Values
d. Influencing team/organizational culture

10. Leadership for the Team Leader { MARCH 28, 2019}
a. Leadership life cycle
b. Continuum of Leadership
c. Leadership in the technological age
d. Focus on envisioning the future
e. Gaining commitment from your employees by developing the appropriate leadership style
f. Matching your leadership style to your employees’ developmental needs
g. Examining the role of emotional intelligence in successful leadership
h. Assessing your emotional intelligence

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