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TAMCC / McMaster's Institutional Change Collaborative project

“Mr. Nicholas Brathwaite Jr. a Grenadian residing in North America has a vision of transforming T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) into the top tertiary learning institution in the Caribbean. Achieving this vision will empower youth in Grenada to pursue and continue higher education, to participate in and shape the labour market and to serve society at large. In 2012 Mr. Brathwaite established a full Scholarship for Grenadian students to complete an undergraduate program at McMaster University in Canada. He is now encouraging a partnership among TAMCC, the Grenadian Government, and McMaster University to guide TAMCC’s transformation.” In this regard, TAMCC and McMaster have agreed to commence the process while the formal MOU is being finalized for signing.

McMaster has indicated its willingness to visit TAMCC sometime in early November to roll out the collaboration initiative. It is essential that TAMCC establish some work groups to facilitate the agenda and prepare for the visit. Some key persons have been identified as team leaders and the focal point to drive the change agenda.

Ongoing conversations between the two institutions have focused on critical discussions about performance, that is, how new skills acquired through McMaster’s intervention will be translated into a transparent, process-oriented performance metrics that improve the quality of the student experience. Equally important is to identify strengths and building on these to differentiate TAMCC and fill the existing gaps that attend to the needs of the marketplace while identifying clear pathways that lead student to pursue higher education.

A brainstorming session and discussion which took place last June 2016 identified a number of areas that need immediate attention in which management, faculty and students can participate. Consequently, work groups have been established and assigned tasks which are summarized as main priority areas related to (i) curriculum change, (ii) faculty development, (iii) student engagement and (iv) learning commons. This is represented in the form of a framework for implementation which the two institutions have agreed upon. These work groups will be coordinated by a steering committee headed by a senior member of staff.

This release is the beginning of a planned internal and public sensitization campaign that is also aimed at involving the entire TAMCC community.  

Make-Up Examinations



All students are advised that Make-up Examinations are ONLY permitted if a student is absent from an examination as a result of:

1)   Sickness

2)   Death

3)   Funeral of a family member (medical certificate to be provided and or documentation of death or funeral of family member).

Please note the following:

  • Make-up Examinations are approved by the Dean in consultation with the Registrar.
  • Students must obtain Make-up Forms from the Dean’s Office.
  • All supporting document(s) should be attached to the Make-up Form upon submission to Examinations Office.
  • Requests for Make-up Examinations must be made to the Dean within five (5) days of the missed examination.
  • If a student is absent from a Final Examination, the student will receive a Grade “I” for that examination and an “I” for that course.
  • If permission is granted by the Dean after consultation with the Registrar to sit a Makeup Examination, the grade will change pending the receipt of the Change of Grade Form within the stipulated timeframe.
  • If permission is not granted by the Dean after consultation with the Registrar to sit a Makeup Examination, the grade will change to an “F”.
  • Request for Makeup Examinations must be made to the Dean on the appropriate College form within five (5) days from the date of the examination missed. The Dean in collaboration with the Registrar should approve/disapprove the request within two (2) days of receipt.
  • All requests should be submitted to the Assistant Registrar for Examinations within two (2) days of approval or disapproval. A Make-up Examination is then scheduled by the Assistant.
  • Registrar for Examinations in collaboration with the Dean of the respective School.
  • If a Makeup Examination is approved for a student, and the student is absent for that Examination that student will receive an “F”.
  • A student who is not granted permission to sit a Makeup Examination should register for the relevant course the next time it is offered or any time not extending a four year period.
  • However, permission can be granted to that student by the Dean of the respective School in collaboration with the Chair of the relevant department to sit the Final Examination only.
  • Make-up examinations should always be different in content, but equivalent qualitatively to the original examination.

School of Continuing Education Assembly/Orientation


TAMCC School of Continuing Education

1. A General Assembly/Orientation exercise is planned for Wednesday Sep. 7/16 at 9:am at St. Patrick's for SCE persons from Mirabeau and St Patrick's campuses.

2. Classes in Chinese Traditional Medicine has commenced at School of Nursing Stadium with our Patient Care programme.

3. There will be initial meetings on Monday and Tuesday at 4:30pm for persons from the general public who have signed up for CompTIA A+ and N+ respectively.

4. Persons can still register for the following courses/Programmes:

Short Courses
1. Basic Conversational Chinese
2. Traditional Medicine ( Massage & Acupuncture)

SAT: Classes are offered

CSEC: English Language, Mathematics & Biology.

Certificates (1 year): Modern Management and Administration, ACCA & CAT

Associate Degrees (3 years): Business Studies with Accounting, Business Studies with Economics, Marketing, Social Work, Media Studies, Criminal Justice & Law Procedure.

Financial Support for Akayden Joshua Wilson

Dear Faculty, Students, Staff, Alumni and Supporters,
The T. A. Marryshow Community College solicit your 

support to Mr. Joshua Wilson within the Department of IT Services.

His son Akayden Joshua Wilson who is only five years old was diagnosed with Wilms' tumour on March 17 2016.

He had surgery on March 22 2016 when the tumour and his left kidney were removed and 2 weeks later diagnosed with cancer. He started treatment end of May due to medications not being available in the country.  

While undergoing treatment every Friday, there were setbacks due to low white blood cells.

On August 20th, the cancer spread to his lungs therefore he needs urgent radiology treatment along with 
chemotherapy. Radiation is not available in our country Grenada therefore external treatment is required

He is presently at the General Hospital and is in dire need of USD $30,000 to obtain treatment in Antigua.

You are kindly asked to donate to this worthy cause. Donations can be made online or at the Grenada Co-operative Bank.

Click the link below to make online contributions and the following information can be used to make deposits via the bank.

Account of: Akili Vashti Morain
Account Number: 121003920
Bank: Grenada Co-Operative Bank


Thank you in advance and your prayers would also be greatly appreciated.

TAMCC 2016 Convocation


TAMCC will like to inform the public that Staff Convocation 2016 will be held on Monday, August 29, 2016 under the theme "One College, One Community, One Mission; aspiring to obtain meaningful results through engagement, commitment, responsibility, and accountability".

The event will be held at the Teacher Education Department commencing at 9:00 a.m.

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