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Dear Teacher/Principal,


The person whose name is on this reference questionnaire is seeking admission as a student at the T.A. Marryshow Community College. We are grateful for your assistance in helping to evaluate the applicant’s behavioural profile.


Since it is our purpose to secure an understanding of the applicant’s character and studiousness, please be completely candid in your evaluation. Feel free to offer pertinent facts and judgments not covered by the questions and to exceed space limitations wherever you think necessary. Please include both favorable and/or unfavorable comments that will enable us to determine the applicant’s needs once he/she becomes a student of the college.   No student will be rejected based on this reference.


Please be assured that your reply will be kept confidential. Should you have any questions, please call us at the Admissions Office at (473) 440-1389 x. 2399 or 2250.




Marva Bowen Neptune, MA

Acting Registrar

Student Reference 

Please be as objective as possible in your evaluation of the applicant.
This reference will be most valuable to us when completed as honestly as possible by the principal/teacher or his/her designee who knows the applicant well.
To be completed by the person filling out this reference.
Student Advisee

1. Personality Traits

Please place a check in each statement that describes the applicant as you know him/her to be. You may check multiple boxes.

Quick Tempered Disrespectful Follower Argumentative Loner Slow to anger Respectful to others Leader Even tempered Agreeable Team player

2. Personal Relationships

Slow to make friends Make friends easily
Healthy & Supportive Not Supportive
Avoid socializing Socially adept
Loner / reserved Friendly/ outgoing

3. Academic Behaviour

Numerous incomplete assignments Assignments completed/submitted on time
Cheated on tests and quizzes / plagiarized assignments Studious
Chronic lateness to class Generally, on time for class
Poor class attendance Good class attendance
Not involved in school groups/clubs involved in groups/clubs

4. Classroom Behaviour

Disruptive/obstruction of teaching session Follows instructions well
Overly talkative Participates well
Easily distracted Attentive during lessons
Avoid assistance from teacher Asks for assistance from teacher

5. Student-Teacher Relationship

Willful disobedience /defiance towards school personnel Obedient and compliant
Verbally disrespectful to school personnel Shows respect for authority

6. Delinquent Behaviour

Use of computer facilities/services to view/send obscene content Sexual harassment of another student
Use of foul language Possession/use of alcohol or drugs
Attempted or actual theft of property Suspected gang involvement
Damage school property Verbally threatened student/staff

7. Are there some things about the applicant that his/her future instructors should be aware of, or cautioned about, to help ensure good academic progress and to help the applicant grow in character?

Yes No
  1. Do you have any hesitations or reservations about the applicant’s Behaviour?If yes, please explain 
Yes No
  1. Has this student ever been suspended/expelled from classes during the last two (2) years (fourth or fifth form)? 
Yes No