T. A. Marryshow Community College



1. Pay your Transcript Request Fee and upload receipt as an attachment. Please ensure that your full name, as it appears on the application and your date of birth is written on the receipt.

Transcript Request Fee of $50EC must be made to T. A. Marryshow Community College through the following means:

  • Pay online through Republic Bank, online banking on account #102741.

  • Transfer payment online using First Caribbean online banking services on Republic Bank (account # 102741).

  • Pay at the Bursar office of T. A. Marryshow Community College, Tanteen, St. Georges.

2. Identification Card (ID) must be uploaded along with this application. Only the following forms of Identification can be uploaded; National ID, Passport, NIS Card, or Birth Certificate.

3. In the event you are applying for someone else, please ensure to upload a written and signed consent letter/note from the past student/applicant. 


Yes No
Student copy University/College Employer Other

Please note: Student Copy (unofficial : may not be accepted by institutions/organisation)

Address(es) - Attention where transcript(s) is/are to be sent :


Regular Mail Registered Mail Expressed Mail DHL

NB:  Transcript will be kept on hold NO LONGER than one (1) month. Transcript on hold, beyond one (1) month will be discarded. Please note, replacement of transcript will be at the cost of the applicant.     

The maximum file size is 30mb (jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc)
The maximum file size is 30mb (jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc)
The maximum file size is 30mb (jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc)